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Finishing specification

We can provide more than 20 modern and classic finishes for your option, the modern finishes can be PVD, the classic finish can be polished brass, polished chrome and white coated, you can feel the real beauty both in modern and classic finishes.

Finish coupons

Code Description Base material Salt spray
PB Polished brass,plated Zn 100hrs
AB Antique brass,plated Zn 250hrs
RAB Red antique brass,plated Zn 250hrs
ORB Oil rubbed bronze,plated Zn 250hrs
DN Dark nickel,plated Zn 250hrs
BN Brushed nickel,plated Zn 250hrs
SN Satin nickel,plated Zn 250hrs
BN Black nickel,plated Zn 250hrs
AN Antique nickel,plated Zn 250hrs
RAN Red antique nickel,plated Zn 250hrs
PC Polished chrome,plated Zn 250-480hrs
DC Dark chrome,plated Zn 250hrs
BC Brushed chrome,plated Zn 250hrs
SC Satin chrome,plated Zn 250hrs
FL Flint,plated Zn 250hrs
PG PVD Gold Zn 500hrs
WH White coated Zn 500hrs
BL Black coated Zn 500hrs
BR Brown coated Zn 500hrs
TN Caramel coated Zn 500hrs
AF Almond Frost coated Zn 500hrs
GA Gold anodized Al 400hrs
SA Silver anodized Al 400hrs
Finish chips
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